Lord of the Gourds

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It is the 9th year of obsession, in the third age of cucurbitus.
A dark lord of unspeakable evil has appeared in my rear pumpkin patch
and threatens to overrun all of middle earth.  His name is Lord Sauron.

An unlikely alliance has joined forces to save the planet from Sauron's
ugly malevolence.  Gandalf  the  Orange (1069 Zunino), 
Arwen (1191 Zunino) the elfish daughter of the powerful goddess Artemis,
and Pippin (1187 Slusarek).

A epic battle between everything good and beautiful against that which is 
evil, powerful and indescribably ugly is about to unfold!


In early March, snow flurrys hit Northern California

Olivia Poppies smile as the patch on Mount Doom gets a double dig...

Olivia shows off  our high tech germination chamber -
The tank is filled with water, a fish tank heater keeps the water at 90 degrees
the seeds are suspended over the water on damp paper towels.
100% germination in 24 to 48 hours.

Where is the %##$&%% door out of this place??

It's May 7 - the twin's birthday - and all the pumpkin seeds have sprouted

Pippin (1187 Slusarek) and Arwen (1191 Zunino) snuggle in their hobbit homes
in the front patch, now known as, "The Shire"

Gandalf the Orange (1069 Zunino) squares off against  Lord Sauron
in Sauron's temple on Mount Doom.  Sauron's pedigree is one of  the
great mysteries of  my patch - Who could have bred a pumpkin so evil?

Amanda whispers poetry as she pollinates gentle Arwen (1191 Zunino)

Gandalf the Orange (1069 Zunino) sits on his throne with his flowing green robes

The males are ready, Olivia's ready - let's consumate this thing!

Pippen (1187 Slusarek) laughs when Olivia tickles him with her brush.
A hobbit pumpkin he be, but perhaps no midget...

Lord Sauron with his ugly little crown .
Can this really be the "Lord of the Gourds?"


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